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Steaming Lobster

Place a steaming rack in the bottom of the pot and fill the bottom with approx two inches of water. Add salt to the water. Place the pot onto the largest element you have, put on the lid, and heat it over high heat to a boil. As soon as the lobster goes into the water, start your cooking timer or make a note of the time, because the cooking time is based on when the lobster goes into the pot, not when the water returns to a boil. You can tell that lobster is done when the shell goes bright red, the meat goes white, and an antenna comes out with no resistance when it's pulled.

10 minutes for one pound

12 minutes for 1¼ pounds

14 minutes for 1½ pounds

16 minutes for 1¾ pounds

18 minutes for two pounds

22 minutes for 2½ pounds

20 to 25 minutes for three pounds

40 to 45 minutes for five pounds

50 to 60 minutes for six to seven pound


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