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Easy Thai Coconut Shrimp and Rice

1 lb peeled deveined shrimp (raw)

1⁄2 cup chopped roasted poblano pepper

3 garlic cloves, minced

2 tbsp minced ginger

1⁄4 cup honey

2 tbsp soy sauce

1⁄4cup light coconut milk

1 tbsp olive oil

1⁄2 tsp kosher salt

1⁄2 cup sliced onion

1⁄2 cup sliced red bell pepper

1⁄4 cup basil leaves

1⁄4 cup chopped green onion

1⁄4 cup fresh cilantro


1 cup jasmine rice or 1 cup basmati rice

1⁄2 cup light coconut milk

1 cup chicken stock

1⁄4 tsp grated fresh ginger

1 tbsp crushed pineapple

Start by placing the shrimp in a large self-close bag or medium glass bowl. Add the peppers, garlic, ginger, honey, soy sauce, and coconut milk. Allow to marinate in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to 4 hours.

In a large skillet over medium heat, combine olive oil, salt, onions, and bell peppers. Cook until vegetables become slightly soft, but not browned.

Turn heat up to high and place the shrimp (not the marinade, just the shrimp) in the skillet. Sauté, turning once, until shrimp are just slightly browned on the outside and turning pink. You want them slightly undercooked.

Remove shrimp, onions, and peppers from the skillet. Pour the marinade into the skillet and bring it to a boil. Boil it for 5 minutes. This is long enough to cook the "shrimp juice" that got into the marinade and also to thicken the sauce.

Turn the heat off. Add the shrimp mixture back to the skillet. Add the basil and green onions. Toss to combine. Serve immediately over rice.


In a small covered saucepan, combine the rice, coconut milk, and stock (or water). Use up the rest of the can of coconut milk, and add enough additional liquid to total 1.5 cups.

Bring to a boil and then reduce heat. Cook covered. Simmer for 12-15 minutes. Add pineapple. Fluff with a fork.


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